Balocco – (Savoiardi Ladyfingers – 1.1 Lb)


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Elevate your desserts with Balocco’s Savoiardi Ladyfingers. This 1.1-pound pack offers delicate and airy biscuits perfect for creating exquisite tiramisu and other delectable treats!
  • Exquisite Ladyfingers: Balocco’s 1.1-pound pack of Savoiardi Ladyfingers, delicate and airy biscuits.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for creating classic desserts like tiramisu or as a delectable pastry base.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with care to ensure a delightful texture and authentic Italian taste.
  • Generous Quantity: 1.1-pound pack offers ample ladyfingers for multiple dessert preparations.
  • Authentic Italian Treat: Provides an authentic taste of Italy for dessert connoisseurs and bakers.


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